KARMACSI is a bohemian, slow fashion lifestyle brand from the heart of Europe.  The products are handmade either by the designer or in cooperation with small workshops. Everything is handmade in small quantity with special care. During the production we try to be as considerate about our environment as possible, saving even the smallest pieces of leather, using every inch of fabric and keeping as low stock as possible.  Our main goal is that all our products are created with soul so when you finally recieve them you can feel that they came from a special place, filled up with all the good vibes.  We are in love with different shapes, patterns, textures, colors, fabrics, leather and craftsmanship, hopefully we can spread the joy of them to you! So enjoy! :)
Visit us personally during our weekly open days in our workshop studio: 1012 Budapest, Vérmező u. 10. doorbell 37. 3rd floor