We are shipping besides the EU. Please see our shipping times below. Our shipping rates are calculated during check out and vary accourding to the number and weight of goods purchased


Production time can take up to 10-15 business days, after this comes the shipping:

  • Shipping time within Hungary takes 1-2 business days after production is ready
  • Shipping time to other European countries takes 3-5 business days after production is ready
  • Shipping time outside EU takes 5-7 business days after production is ready
  • !Please note that is these are only the shipping times, the production time can take up to 10-15 business days before shipping, if the product is not on stock at the moment!

Domestic (Hungary) shipping options:

  • GLS 1990Ft
  • MPL Csomagautomatába, Posta Pontra vagy postára kézbesítve: bruttó 990 Ft/db. +1000Ft kezelési költség: 1.990Ft. Csomagpontra szállítás esetén kérjük a szállítási címhez a kívánt csomagpont nevét és címét beírni.
  • MPL Háznál történő kézbesítés esetén: 0-10 kg-ig bruttó 1990 Ft/db.+1000Ft kezelési költség : 2.990Ft  -amennyiben ezt a szállítási opciót választaná kérjük e-mailben jelezze!

Our products are handmade. Due this fact when ordering please keep in mind that the production can take 10-15 business days. In case the product is on stock we can deliver it in one week. We do our best to send the package to our customers as soon as possible

Shipping times are indicated from the day when your order has been confirmed as dispatched (shipped). We try to do our best to fulfill your order in the time scale indicated above, we cannot take responsibility, if the delivery time is longer than indicated.

Please note that during bank holidays in Hungary, and weekends we are unable to process any orders.

The products are delivered by GLS or Fedex depending on the country. We deliver both domestically and abroad. Once your package is shipped you will get an e-mail notification. Using the tracking number in the e-mail you can follow the status of your package.

We ship the goods from Hungary and pay a courier company to ship the goods. When ordering form abroad all possible customs fees and taxes will be your responsibility.  In case your country charges taxes or holds the shipment in customs, you are the importer and will be liable for clearing the customs. We can not provide assistance in these cases.

Please do not provide a PO Box for your delivery addressas currently are we unable to accept PO Boxes as delivery address.

We hold the right to refuse shipping to certain countries that our courier companies are not shipping to. 

For all shipping please include your contact phone number so that the courier may contact you if there are any problems with delivery.


If you selected the “pick-up” delivery option on your order we will send you a notification once the production is finished indicating the date and time-frame when you can pick it up in our studio. Our addresse is 1066 Budapest Lovag utca 13.

If you have any questions feel free to ask at:


Orders submitted on our website can be paid by paypal, credit card, bank transfer/cash deposit at an Erste bank affiliate, or pay at personal pick-up in our studio. Our account number can be found in the confirmation e-mail of successful orders. When making the transfer/deposit please always mark the “order number” found in the confirmation e-mail, in the comment section of the transfer/deposit so that we can identify you. 

If you have choosen bank transfer or cash deposit as payment method you have 24h to fulfil your payment after your order was confimed, otherwise your order will be cancelled automatically.

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Although we use all reasonable efforts to ensure that your order is delivered within a specified time period, we cannot take responsibility for late deliveries due to circumstances outside of our control.

Returns and Exchanges

For detailed information on returns and exchanges, please see our Returns & Exchange policy.

The Shipping and  Return & Exchange Policy forms an integral part of our General Terms and Conditions.

By purchasing our goods and/or using our services, you accept our Shipping and Return & Exchange Policy. Please read the Shipping and Return & Exchange Policy carefully.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us at: