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Handmade backpack combined with FiFi mosaic bag, using leftover leather pieces to make lovely colour combinations. 
You can detouch the handbag and use the items separately. The handbag comes with a metal chain, and with a big O-ring accessory. You can use the bag as a wristbag with the O-ring or as a shoulderbag with the chain, or you can remove all the accessory and use it as a handbag.

The backpack has two separate folders inside and two small pockets in the bigger folder. Backpack size: 35*38*7cm.

The FiFi bag has two small pockets inside.Handbag size: 30*20 cm

You can order just the solo handbag separately (Find it with the product name as: FiFi light mosaic bag/beige.)

Handmade in Hungary.

The colours may differ as the pictures were taken in different environment.



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